Hello there! My name is Anzu Mazaki. I'm a high school student close to graduating aspiring to be a dancer.

I was in New York, but I came back to further my studies to ensure a good life over there in America. My friends are what keep me going.

Feel free to ask me anything, or just if you want to hang out, let me know!

((A Yugioh Ask/RP Blog for a teenage Anzu. Anyone can ask or RP anytime!))

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This guy deserves to be loved by the one he loves. No ?

yuugimutousan sent:

"Anzu...." he stood there shocked and unable to do anything else expect stare at her. How long since he seen her? Months? Years? Too long. (muse couldn't help it he is like ANZU)

She had barely made herself known among those who still stayed here within Domino. Her hair bobbed about her shoulders as she walked, changed back into her clothes as she wore when she lived here. Her face, once marred by events long past, had now been fixed back up, not a single mark left along her features. She had been aimless in her walk, but paused when she heard the all too familiar voice. 

"Yuugi. I should have known I would run into you. It’s been…a long time. How are you?"


I love how Bakura has to explain to him what Anzu’s problem is. Apparently that just didn’t occur to him at all.


I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Miho.


Never understimate the appeal of Otogi’s outfit. It suits everyone who wears no matter the gender. ;P


遊戲王-ALLx杏子撇圖01~ | 休止符/以馨


here’s some burning sage to cleanse ur blog of bad energies 

Ah, just a head’s up!

Since it’s been about a year since I’ve even used this blog, I need to go ahead and get some time to be reacquainted with Anzu and I may do a minor reboot of her blog—Just y’know, explaining where she’s been, allowing her to let go of some events, having her face reconstructed, etc. 

So, I will make sure to draft any RPs/Starters I’m tagged in, but just let me get used to being back in Anzu’s shoes first before you get a reply.

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