Hello there! My name is Anzu Mazaki. I'm a high school student close to graduating aspiring to be a dancer.

I was in New York, but I came back to further my studies to ensure a good life over there in America. My friends are what keep me going.

Feel free to ask me anything, or just if you want to hang out, let me know!

((A Yugioh Ask/RP Blog for a teenage Anzu. Anyone can ask or RP anytime!))

A stroll.



Anzu blinked at him when he called her a tease. That was a first, but then again, she had always managed to keep her desires under control. Otherwise she would be stopped anyways, and the mood would die. It was simple how it used to work now. Not like now. Now neither one really wanted to stop, and the only reason they did is because they knew that they were too new together. Still opening up and trying to get behind those walls. Attraction could only take them so far, and she could see that plain as day. However, they could be playful with each other as well.

She placed brought a hand to her chest, giving a mock offended look. “Me? A tease?” She feigned scandal. “You’re one to talk.” She grinned. Although, it really did seem like she was the one who initiated most of their affections. It had just ended up happening that way. A part of her craved for the day that he would just sweep her away, but she could wait for that, just like she could other things. Her desire flared again, and she had to beat it down with a playful smile. Their heated moment had come to an end.

Instead, Anzu’s heart beated a bit quicker as he spoke. She wasn’t sure if it was surprise or pride that swirled inside her, knowing that she was the first he had ever felt for. Her smile slowly faded as he spoke, her cheeks growing more and more crimson as he spoke. She was glad he was looking away. He felt for her. She knew what he meant, she knew those exact feelings were coating her own heart. “Dark…” She whispered softly in the quiet room, finally catching his eyes. She leaned in close once more, her lips moving to his ear as she closed her eyes. “I…” Could she really tell him that one phrase that wanted to escape her lips and heart? No. It hadn’t been fully formed yet, and it wasn’t ready. She wouldn’t hurt him by telling him something that she was not a hundred percent about. She couldn’t hurt herself that way either. “I know what you feel like right now.” He didn’t understand these emotions yet. She couldn’t rush him or herself. But she could be honest. “I didn’t think I’d ever feel like this either.” Not again. She had sworn it off, and here she was, falling for him.

Clearing his throat when he finished speaking, Dark tried to ignore the slight flush on his face. Even now, he still wasn’t the best at talking about shit like emotions and actually caring for someone; just feeling the damn things felt like enough to deal with sometimes. He looked up when she whispered his name, his expression a mix of nervous and embarrassed until she leaned in close, her lips brushing his ear. An arm lifted from her waist, to press a hand anxiously against her back, the smallest voice in his mind afraid that she might pull away, that he’d been too blunt. 

But her words both calmed and sped up his drumming heart (he was sure he’d have a heart attack one of these days). She felt, was as confused about all these emotions as he was. Well, mostly. She probably understood these things better than he did at the moment. He took a slow breath to clear his slightly foggy head, glad that she was still close and made no move to leave. Enjoying the silence between them for a moment longer, he pressed a chaste kiss against her shoulder (was it usual to want to keep kissing someone this much?) and smiled again. “Well, good to know I’m not alone.” He had felt alone, ever since he had been ‘created’. Not that he felt particularly bad about it, but if he thought about it, he was. He was a single… thing that had gained sentience and, eventually, a body of his own crafted by an old magic. Then he had been thrust into the world with only vague knowledge accumulated through countless souls that had been used to make him and his own consciousness to guide him.

He wasn’t even sure if he was technically human, and if he really wasn’t, then he had no clue what he was in that regard. But through all of that, with Anzu, even if she was still born a normal human with a normal life… being with her, he didn’t feel so alone in the world anymore. 

Anzu could feel his escalated heart rate against her own chest, a smile rising on her lips. His heart was a drum she would have loved to have danced to. She nuzzled against his jaw line, a hand moving to his neck as she gently stroked the soft surface with her finger tips. His scent was still strong, and she wanted to have more of it. She took in a deep breath, a small sigh of relief coming from her. She never thought she could take comfort with someone like this before. His arms felt like they were made for her, and his body just seemed to make her feel like the only person in the world. He was so addictive to her, she didn’t want to stay away from him for very long.

At his words, she batted her eyes softly. Alone. She wondered if he felt that as often as she did. Yes, she had herself surrounded by her friends, but so often did she fear being alone. The haunts in her minds made being alone almost unbearable. Fears rose up when she was. She would more than rather have someone she hated near by than be alone anymore. She felt weak for the need to depend on someone else, when she had been so strong before. She supposed that was what happened when you got used to being with someone to support them. Her head tried to raise up, but she felt his hand on her back. He was holding her close, and didn’t want her to leave. She knew that sort of grip on another person. Her smile shadowed her lips again. “You don’t ever have to be alone again, Dark. I’ll always be here for you.” Her words were sweet and honest. If she did all she could, she would never leave his side again.

Her fingers grazed his skin. She had pondered how he was created. Someone so perfect for her must have had some insight on what he was made for, but she knew she could not be so egotistical. She hadn’t even been planned for this world in the first place. She had a home now, and someone she cared about deeply. That small itch in the back of her mind still wanted to shove him down on the bed and take him as her own, but she let it go. There was no use. The most she might get would be if she was able to stay the night. Which, she wondered if he might want. “Dark…It is getting late…Do you want me to stay here, or…?” She shifted her head to where she was resting it on his shoulder while she looked up at him. Her heart just wanted to stay near his.