Hello there! My name is Anzu Mazaki. I'm a high school student close to graduating aspiring to be a dancer.

I was in New York, but I came back to further my studies to ensure a good life over there in America. My friends are what keep me going.

Feel free to ask me anything, or just if you want to hang out, let me know!

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A stroll.



Anzu had to contain the giggle when he stared at her as if she was insane for having rules to be met for sleeping in a bed with her. As much as she was almost certain that she would have to make sure to control herself, a part of her wondered if she should take some of the medicine that her Teacher gave her for bad dreams. However, that was at home, and she did not want to leave Dark. Nor take him home and have her mother wonder what the green haired boy was doing in their house so late. That might be an adventure she wasn’t ready for.

At his formal answer, her bubbly laughter came forth. “Very well then, Sir.” She actually wasn’t sure what to call him. He didn’t quite have a last name. He was just Dark to her. The person who made her happy. It had never mattered to her before what his full name was, since she had shortened it herself anyways. She lowered her hand, leaning forward to kiss him softly once more. She wanted to linger, take in those tastes, but there was plenty more time for that some other time if not in the middle of the night.

She pulled away, giving him another playful wink. “You’re the best, Dark.” She had considered taking the shirt off his back, but part of her wasn’t sure what he would sleep in. She had thought he was only shirtless before since they were sick and he was feverish. Anzu slid her legs back, adjusting her skirt as she went. She knew she wouldn’t be modest for much longer, but she did what she could for the time being. Her eyes also avoided a certain tent-like area, although the slight ego boost it gave her was nice. She brushed herself off, walking over to the closet to inspect through the shirts. She she thumbed through her choices, she turned back to him, the blush on her face increasing. “Um…I can change in the bathroom or something, if you want.” She wasn’t sure if she was ready to show him her body completely naked. Part of her was tempted, seeing how it actually might make him surprise her with a bout of lust for once. But, she was trying to calm them down now. This thin ice was so very tricky.

His smirk melted back into a smile at her laughter, ignoring his own lack of a last name. He hadn’t thought much of a surname for himself. Only until recently he did even have a decent first name, let alone a last one. Things like that could wait. Catching her eye, he leaned in and hummed into her chaste kiss, her lips soft and still kiss-swollen. No matter how many times they kissed, Dark was sure he would never tire of it. He was already addicted to her in many ways.

His jaw tightening at the slight friction, he let Anzu move off of his lap, his glowing eyes watching her long legs and how her skirt rode up her thighs just so before she adjusted the fabric. Another bite to the inside of his cheek; thoughts like that were really not helping. He couldn’t help but just look at her sometimes. When she turned back to him after glancing through his closet, he tried to ignore how his face flushed at her question and equally red face, forcing himself to stand up and clear his throat. While the idea of watching her change was very appealing, he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to control himself after that. And with all these jumbled emotions getting in the way, he didn’t want to risk it. Fuck, he hated these cockkblocking emotions right now. “A-Ah, no, you can change here, Anzu.” Walking over to the closet stiffly, he swiped a pair of green pajama pants from a hanger and started towards the door, to the bathroom on the other side of the hall. He had opened his mouth to say that he needed to use the bathroom anyway, but quickly snapped his jaw shut. Yeah, like that didn’t sound awkward. And he swiftly made his way across the hall to change and hopefully calm down.

Anzu smiled softly at his cherry cheeks. So, she wasn’t the only one who felt that way about changing in front of them. They were already having close calls with brushes, touches, and kisses. She really did think it would have been the final straw for him if she had changed in front of him and all of their holding back would have been for nothing. A part of her was almost fine with that. She watched him as he came close to her, a devilish smile on her features as she brushed her fingers against his shoulder as he passed by her. “I’ll let you know when it’s safe to come back in then.” She smiled letting him go off to change himself.

As soon as the door clicked, she pulled off her shirt, tossing it to the floor without concern. Then, she unzipped her miniskirt, allowing it to drop at her feet. She stood there for a moment in her red lace lingerie, a finger to her cheek as she allowed her other hand to pull out her choice. A black sleeveless top that seemed to accommodate her curves with it’s length. It was nice that Dark was actually a bit taller than her, since now she could actually wear his clothes with ease. She placed it over her arm as she reached behind her, undoing the snap to her bra and sliding it off. She donned the shirt before picking up her own stuff to place in a neat folded pile close to the bed.

She fiddled with it a bit. It barely covered all of her underwear, but it was much more comfortable than what she had been wearing. She tugged on it a bit, allowing herself mostly modesty. “Dark?” She called out to him before actually heading to the door herself to open it. “I’m ready whenever you want to come back in.” She spoke a bit softer, her head peeking out into the hallway.