Hello there! My name is Anzu Mazaki. I'm a high school student close to graduating aspiring to be a dancer.

I was in New York, but I came back to further my studies to ensure a good life over there in America. My friends are what keep me going.

Feel free to ask me anything, or just if you want to hang out, let me know!

((A Yugioh Ask/RP Blog for a teenage Anzu. Anyone can ask or RP anytime!))

A stroll.



She waited, watching him groan, not quite at her, but at the fact that his sleep had been disturbed. She hadn’t realized the real difference in the air from their warm contact and the sheets that kept it close to them. An arm still lingered about her, even as he laid on his back, and she found herself safe, uncaught from her voyeur experience. A small puff of air escaped her lips in relief. Well, that was one awkward situation avoided. She was happy for that at least. 

Her hues hung on his face, the smooth skin and sweet features reminded her almost of her Yugi back home. Only, she knew he wasn’t. Not a copy, not a Yugi at all. He was Dark. Her Dark. With his bangs over his face and sleepy grunts, she couldn’t help but think he wasn’t so very cute. She wondered if he would dislike the word if she told him that. A smile played on her lips as she pondered their future conversation of how cute he looked when he slept so peacefully. She resisted the giggle that wanted to bubble up.

He was still asleep. Part of her felt a need rising up again, the first time not being enough for her. She wanted to climb on top of his sleeping body and try something new. Then again, any sort of variation would be new to her. The thought pulled at her, letting her hand slip under the sheets with careful, soft touches. Her fingertips brushed his skin, trailing down his smooth abdomen towards an almost unknown goal. She had never touched one before, her hand growing shaky until…Oh. So, that’s what it felt like. Her fingers ran over the new found part of him with the most delicate of touches.

Her cheeks grew hot, but knew that he was still sleeping, wanting to cling to the dreams it had brought him. He probably didn’t want to wake up to her hand over the sensitive skin, for as much as she knew. Instead, the digits crawled back up his body, dusting his chest with feathery contact. She did wonder if he wanted to wake or not, knowing she could be occasionally grumpy in the morning when she woke too early. Her other arm propped her up, allowing her access to his neck and ear. Her lips grazed his soft skin, a small, barely audible whisper. “Dark…Would you like a few more minutes?” She asked, the smile tugging at the corner of her peach-tinted lips.

He had almost fallen completely back asleep when his body shivered of it’s own volition, her touch just brushing his skin. His consciousness wavered back into a limbo of sleep and wakefulness as her fingertips traveled farther down to gently graze that part of his body, the curious touch causing another shudder and a sleepy grunt. If he had been more awake or in the middle of damn good dream, her brush might have woken him up in a different way. But instead, Dark finally let his mind awaken while Anzu’s hand quickly slid back up his bare torso, the soft pads of her fingers bringing him out of his restful sleep. A part of his brain wanted to sleep even more, while the other part knew he had to wake up lest he waste Anzu’s free day of no classes by lying in bed.

With her lips nudging along his neck, Dark slowly let himself grin and force open his faintly glowing eyes, a half-awake purr rumbling in his chest. “Hrm. I’m up, I’m up…” He turned his head and pulled his remaining arm around her shoulders to hold her closer over him, giving her a tired, yet amused wink.

Her eyes caught his as they sleepily opened, causing her crimson coloration to increase on her cheeks. She wondered from his slow awakening how much he had exactly felt from her hands’ adventure across his body. She had been having too much fun exploring. His body was new to her, and she had a fascination with it. She wanted to feel all of it in her hand and have a chance to get to know every inch. 

She was pulled in close and a bright smile was there to greet him at his words. She snuggled in close, her head leaning into his warm chest. “Mmm…Well, I can see that.” She murmured, with the slightest hint of a giggle. She meant in an innocent way, but the small twinge of her tone made the more suggestive notion of where her fingers had been a very open possibility. Her lips tentatively brushed across his skin, the small kisses mean to be loving and close. 

Her hand sneaked it’s way up to his neck, rubbing at his hairline with her forefinger as she met with his iridescent eyes, curiousity lingering in her own. “So…Any plans for today, or are we just going to wing it and stay in bed all of today?” Her eyebrow perked, finding the latter option rather valid. It was his time to choose, since she had picked going out for a walk the previous day.